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Wayang Kulit

Wayang Kulit
The Wayang Kulit is not a dance per se but is still one of our favorites. The Wayang Kulit are Shadow puppets and this cultural treat is often overlooked by the tour operators because there are no flashy costumes. The "stage" is quite small - really only a bed sheet with a lantern illuminating it from behind so you will need to sit close. In this intimate night setting you will get a good idea of how this ancient tradition is still performed in the villages throughout Indonesia. This is Indonesian story telling at its best - and has often been used as a way to poke fun at the powers that be. Accompanied by a gamelan and drum and gong, the Dalang or puppet master commands up to 50 puppets made of flat pieces of dried leather. Since each puppet must have a different voice and have different characters (i.e. funny, smart, stupid, and so on) you can see why the Dalang is a clever man indeed.

Where to see the Wayang Kulit:
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