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Preferred Star Hotels in Ubud Bali
Rates inclusive of 21% Gov't tax and service charge.No hidden charges.
$ = US Dollars / Rp. = Indonesian Rupiah

Alam Sari Keliki   1 star / 10 rooms
Rate: Standard Room $ 55.00 / Suite Room $ 65.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Alam Sari's hilltop location, in the traditional village of Keliki, provides some of Bali's most beautiful views. The Alam Sari's small size, spacious design, large bungalow style rooms, commitment to personalised service and environmental friendliness has made it one of the area's favorite resorts.

Alila Ubud   4 star / 58 rooms
Rate: Superior $ 193.60 / Deluxe $ 217.80 (Rates include breakfast)
Perched high up on the edge of a rich green valley in Bali's foothills lies the Alila Ubud - Bali - A tranquil and secluded hideaway. A natural sanctuary, Alila Ubud blends contemporary design with traditional Balinese architecture creating secluded courtyards, spacious terraces and private gardens that are both intimate and luxurious.

Kori Ubud Resort & Spa   3 star / 12 rooms
Rate: Superior Suite $ 114.00 / Deluxe Suite $ 153.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Kori Ubud is a serendipitous find. Located just 5 minutes from the central Ubud, the peaceful, luxurious and romantic Kori Ubud is one of Ubud's best kept secrets. Rooms (suites really) start at a spacious 72 sq. metres and are designed to ensure privacy and coupled with friendly service and a management that is dedicated to your well being the Kori Ubud offers good value for money in the luxury resort category. Special rate available

Lor Inn Villa Resort Saba Bai   4 star / 32 rooms
Rate: Junior Villa $ 140.00 / Executive Villa $ 220.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Set admist four hectares of tropical gardens and surrounded by the lush farmlands of Saba, a traditional village famous for its exquisite Legong dancers. Lor-In Villa Resort Saba Bai is a secluded luxury resort on the south coast of Gianyar Regency where the rice fields meet the ocean and the black sand beach is said to have mystical healing powers.

Maya Ubud Resort   4 star / 108 rooms
Rate: Superior (ROH) $ 205.00 / Spr Garden Villa $ 260.00
Overlooking the Petanu River and situated on ten hectares of lush hillside gardens, the Maya Ubud Resort has combined the best of traditional Balinese architecture with a fresh contemporary design. Each villa room has a spectacular views of the river or the surrounding fertile rice terraces. All villas have private gardens. As well the Deluxe Villas and Suites feature private plunge pools.

Preferred Losmen, Homestays & Budget Hotels in Ubud Bali

Arma Resort   melati 3 / 15 rooms
Rate: Standard Rm $ 50.00 / Superior Rm $ 80.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Just on the outskirts of Ubud proper the Arma Resort (formerly Kokokan Hotel) is nestled on the side of a gently sloping ravine and offers well appointed accommodations with traditional Balinese style in a secluded, serene environment.

Barong Resort & Spa   melati 3 / 11 rooms
Rate: Standard Bglw $ 115.00 / Deluxe Bglw $ 123.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Nestled in a heart of Ubud on Jl. Monkey Forest lies the Barong Resort & Spa a small, elegant and cozy resort. The resort's traditional material and craftsmanship compliment its contemporary designed that makes for a beautiful home away for discerning travelers.

Biyukukung Suites   melati 3 / 10 rooms
Rate: Standard $ 45.00 / Deluxe $ 52.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Nicely located in the heart of Ubud with rooms overlooking the neighbouring rice fields, Biyukukung Suites and Spa offers stylish and comfortable accommodation in small, cosy and quiet setting.

Chakyamuna   melati 3 / 7 rooms
Rate: Deluxe $ 52.00 / Emerald $ 63.00 (Rates include breakfast)
The journey to Chakyamuna is a journey back in time. The less-traveled, winding road through rice paddies takes you through small 'kampungs' (small traditional villages) and some of the most picturesque scenery Bali has to offer. For those wishing to get off the beaten track in style and comfort, the Chakyamuna is it.

Champlung Sari Hotel   melati 3 / 60 rooms
Rate: Standard Room $ 80.00 / Superior Room $ 100.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Set in the heart of picturesque Ubud, in the shadows of the famous Monkey Forest Sanctuary "Wanara Wana" the Champlung Sari Hotel offers a haven of peace and tranquillity while still in close proximity of Ubud's famous boutiques, art galleries and restaurants.

Gubah Bali   melati 3 / 6 rooms
Rate: Bali Sari $ 65.00 / Bali Asri $ 80.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Nestled between lush green rice padi and a thousand year old tropical rain forest, the Gubah Bali is where you go to find your senses. Overlooking the Pakerisan River, which feeds Tirta Empul and sacred to the Balinese, Gubah Bali offers only six luxurious bungalows in a quiet, serene setting that is as beautiful as it is relaxing.

Lumbung Sari Cottages   melati 2 / 8 rooms
Rate: Standard $ 25.00 / Superior $ 46.00 (Rates include breakfast)
A delightful inn in the heart of Ubud on Monkey Forest Road, the Lumbung Sari offers clean, no frills accommodation (rooms are quite large for this price range) with friendly service and a great location. Shops, restaurants and cultural attractions are all just outside the hotel or minutes away by car.

Pertiwi Resort & Spa   melati 3 / 50 rooms
Rate: Standard $ 45.00 / Superior $ 55.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Tucked away on Monkey Forest Road, Pertiwi Resort & Spa reflects traditional Balinese hospitality in both its architecture and friendly service. Set in a sprawling 2.5 hectare garden, Pertiwi Resort & Spa is one of Ubud's favourite resorts with superb value for money on offer.

Puri Bunga Village   melati 3 / 16 rooms
Rate: Superior Suite $ 46.00 / Deluxe Suite $ 65.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Nestled on top of a hill with panoramic views of Ayung River and the surrounding valley, the Puri Bunga is a small inn style hotel offering guests a chance to enjoy the peace and tranquility of Ubud along with the traditional hospitality of Bali.

Puri Padi   melati 2 / 16 rooms
Rate: Standard $ 35.00 / Deluxe $ 37.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Puri Padi Resort is a small, boutique resort featuring Balinese style bungalows. Dedicated to your comfort, this private resort is adjacent to the river and surrounded by lush green rice paddies providing wonderful, stunning views.

Santi Mandala Resort & Spa   melati 3 / 14 rooms
Rate: Garden Villa $ 65.00 / Family Garden Villa $ 97.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Situated in the village of Batuan, Ubud, the Santi Mandala's secluded location along the bank of the Panaraga Giri River ensures a peaceful and quiet holiday. In keeping with its natural environment the Santi Mandala offers jogging, trekking, cycling and yoga meditation programs to enrich your holiday.

Sri Ratih Cottages   melati 3 / 30 rooms
Rate: Standard Fan $ 25.00 / Standard AC $ 30.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Just outside Ubud proper in the Banjar of Campuan there is a small winding road leads you to a place of peace and tranquility. It is here that you find the delightful Sri Ratih Cottages. Featuring 30 rooms scattered about a surprisingly large and well manicured gardens the Sri Ratih Cottages offers excellent value for money with clean, comfortable accommodation and warm Balinese hospitality.

Suly Resort Puri Bukit Kembar   melati 3 / 16 rooms
Rate: Deluxe $ 55.00 / Deluxe Gardenview $ 65.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Suly Resort Puri Bukit Kembar is located a short drive from the artistic center and tourist attractive of Ubud with an exotic flair surrounded by rice fields in the hearth of Bali. Special rate available

Taman Harum Cottages   melati 3 / 17 rooms
Rate: Standard $ 38.00 / Villa $ 52.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Located just south of Ubud in Mas, a village famous for its wood carvers and mask makers, the Taman Harum Cottages is surrounded by lush green rice paddies and embodies the quiet serenity and expert craftmanship of this important Balinese village.

Taman Rahasia   melati 3 / 8 rooms
Rate: Superior $ 72.60 / Deluxe $ 84.70 (Rates include breakfast)
Nestled in the quaint village of Penestanan Kaja, Ubud, you will discover Taman Rahasia - " The Secret Garden ". Taman Rahasia consists of eight luxuriously appointed rooms set amongst towering coconut palms with Ubud's lush green rice fields just outside your door.

Villa Semana   melati 3 / 10 rooms
Rate: Garden Villa $ 225.00 / Deluxe Villa $ 297.00
Hidden deep in the Ubud area, Villa Semana is a collection of 10 exclusive villas each with its own unique layout that compliments the spectacularly beautiful setting. Villa Semana blends harmoniously with the contours of the surrounding rice terraces and Ayung River meandering quietly below. The ideal location for romantic getaways and honeymoon couples.

Waka di Ume   melati 3 / 16 rooms
Rate: Lanai $ 123.00 / Papaya Villa $ 165.00
Waka di Ume is a very different kind of resort. Surrounded by lush rice fields, Waka Di Ume offers those seeking solace a place to relax, to meditate and escape the rush and noise of the outside world and immerse yourself in quiet and comfort. Special rate available

Waka Padma   melati 3 / 12 rooms
Rate: Lanai Room $ 110.00 / Deluxe Villa $ 158.00
Located in the heart of Penestan, a village famous for its artists and sculptors, lies the Waka Padma. Scattered about the Balinese landscaped gardens are 12 beautifully furnished rooms - suites really - that are refined yet comfortable. Special rate available

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Bali Hotels .com - Ubud Bali

Ubud Area Overview

The Balinese are a somewhat unusual island people. Instead of looking outward to the sea, they have always looked inward to the mountains. Ubud epitomizes this and for many Ubud is Bali.

Ubud has become known worldwide as a center and haven for the arts. A very special place to be sure, with spectacular hillside settings overlooking lush rice paddies. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of gamelans wafting through the hills and then you will know how Bali came to be the center of the universe.

There is a wide range of hotel accommodation from the most expensive hotel on the island down to the everyman losmen. As well there are a number of very fine restaurants, several respectable museums and lots of interesting folks wandering about.

FYI, in order to remain objective, hotels are listed alphabetically. We don't favor any hotel for any reason.

Thank you for visiting - More Hotels, More Choice, Better Value !

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