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Important Balinese Festivals
August September

One basic principle of Hindu belief is that the universe is structured - things do not happen randomly and it is essential that a balance must be maintained between order and disorder. Spirits are everywhere and ultimately control nature and as such these spirits must be worshipped regularly in order to maintain the balance. Rituals and festivals are the way the Balinese maintain this order. These festivals have great meaning and are the part of the essence of Balinese culture.

There are other festivals as well, instituted by the government or other organizations to maintain and preserve certain cultural aspects of Balinese life. The best example of this is the Bali Art Festival - held every year from mid-June through mid-July. If you are planning to visit Bali at about this time it is worth the extra effort to be in Bali on opening day. Never will you have an better opportunity to see Bali's glorious culture. Even if you are in Singapore or other part of the region it is well worth the trip. Below is a brief overview of some of Bali's more important holidays.

GALUNGAN: Next held on 11 August 2004. This is the most important Balinese holiday and symbolizes the victory of virtue (Dharma) over Evil (Adharma). The holiday is characterized by putting "Penjor" (tall Bamboo poles laboriously decorated with woven coconut leaves, cakes and flowers), on the right side of every house entrance. It is important for the Balinese to visit all their family temples on this day which sometimes requires a lot of driving around.

KUNINGAN: Next held on 21 August 2004. This holiday takes place ten days after Galungan, bringing the Balinese New Year holiday period to a close. Ceremonies are held for ancestral spirits.

NYEPI: Last held on 21 March 2004. Every society in the world should have the Nyepi holiday. This holiday is the Balinese New Year called Icaka New Year. It is a day of total silence throughout the island. No activity is whatsoever is allowed, no traffic at all on the roads, no fire may be lit, use of electricity is banned (except in the tourist hotels). Purification and sacrificial rites are held the day before - culminating at night with Ogoh-Ogoh dancing through the villages. The Ogoh-Ogoh are large demon images carried about the villages joined by all the men trying to make as much noise as possible. The idea is to wake up all the evil spirits on Bali then on Nyepi when the spirits return, Bali is absolutely quiet and the spirits, not able to find anyone, leave the island for good.

PAGERWESI: Last held on 02 June 2004.The name literally means iron fence-the day devoted to Sanghyang Pramesti Guru, Lord of the Universe, when Hindu Followers pray for strong mental defense in welcoming Galungan Holiday, held at every compound and temple throughout Bali.

Please be advised that this page is updated monthly for the succeeding two months ie. for events in June please check back in May.

Temple Festivals August & September 2004

Temple Celebrations: 05 August, at Pura Ida Ratu Mas, Besakih Complex, Karangasem; Pura Puseh Bungkulan Satrya Buleleng; Pura Pedarman Arya Kepakisan Dauh Baleagung, Besakih Complex, Karangasem.

Temple Celebrations: 06 August
, at Pura Segara Buleleng; Pura Guru Hyang Sangsit Buleleng.

Temple Celebrations: 10 August, at Pura Kiduling Kreteg, Besakih Complex, Karangasem.

Temple Celebrations: 11 August, at Pura Ratu Bagus Subandar, Besakih Complex, Karangasem;
Pura Dukuh Sakti.

Temple Celebrations: 12 August, at Pura Lempuyang Luhur Karangasem; Pura Kentel Gumi Klungkung; Pura Batu Karu, Tabanan; Pura Rambut Petung, Pesedahan Village, Manggis, Karangasem.

Temple Celebrations: 16 August, at Pura Dasar Buwana, Klungkung; Pura Pasek Tohjiwa, Sawah, Selemadeg; Pura Ki Pasek Gelgel, Pelapuan Village, Tabanan.

Temple Celebrations: 21 August, at Pura Ulun Kulkul, Besakih; Pura Taman Pulo Mas, Gianyar; Pura Sada, Kapal, Mengwi, Badung; Pura Pucak Gede Luwus, Baturiti, Tabanan

Temple Celebrations: 22 August, at Pura Dalem Buleleng; Pura Sakenan, Serangan, Badung; Pura Batuaji, Ubung Tengah, Badung.

Temple Celebrations: 25 August, at Pura Tanah Lot Tabanan; Pura Bucabe, Mas Village, Gianyar; Pura Puseh, Ganggang, Cangi, batuan; Pura Masceti, Sanding Village; Pura Pasek Gulingan, Mengwi, Badung; Pura Pasek Pertukangan, Kediri, Tabanan; Pura Luhur Batu Pucangan, Buahan, Tabanan.

Full moon: 30 August, Temple celebrations at Pura Pura Gelap, Besakih, Karangasem; Pura Dang Kahyangan Pengukur-Ukur, Pejeng, Gianyar; Pura Candi Goro, Tianyar, Kubu, Karangasem; Pura Sang Naga, Bondalem Village, Buleleng; Pura Ponjok Batu, Tejakula, Buleleng.

Temple Celebrations: 31 August, at Pura Andakasa, Karangasem; Pura Goa Lawah, Klungkung; Pura Taman Ayun, Mengwi, Badung; Pura Dalem Banyuning, Buleleng; Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Pecatu, Badung; Pura Suralaya, Banda, Klungkung

Temple Celebrations: 01 September, at Pura Gede Purancak Jembrana; Pura Puseh Brahmana, Kamasan, Klungkung; Pura Puseh Desa Bitera, Gianyar.

Temple Celebrations: 02 September, Temple Celebration at Pura Merajan Bungkulan, Buleleng; Pura Panti Pasek, Gelgel, Desa Bitera, Gianyar; Pura Dalem Kelod, Desa Sangsit Dauhyeh, Buleleng.

Temple Celebrations: 15 September, at Pura Silayukti, Padangbai, Karangasem; Pura Pemayun, Br. Tegal, Buleleng; Pura Suci Br. Peguyangan, Buleleng; Pura Kresek Banyuning, Buleleng; Pura Penataran Batuyang, Batubulan, Gianyar; Pura Pasek Bendesa Tagtag Peguyangan, Badung; Pura Batu Medahu, Suwana Village, Nusa Penida; Pura Pucak Padang Dawa, Bangli Village, Baturiti, Tabanan.

Temple Celebrations: 25 September, at Pura Ida Ratu Manik Kubakal, Besakih Complex, Karangasem; Pura Pedharman Bujangga, Besakih Complex, Karangasem; Pura Pasek Gelgel, Br. Tengah, Buleleng; Pura Pucak Natarsari, Apuan Baturiti, Tabanan; Pura Segara, Sangsit Dauhyeh Village, Buleleng; Pura Puseh Bale Agung, Pakraman Pulesari Village, Tembuku, Bangli.

Full moon: 28 September, at Pura Gajahpara di Tianyar, KubuKarangasem; Pura Bukit, Panji, Buleleng; Pura Sang Baingin, Bendodalem Village, Buleleng; Pura Gunung Kawi Tampak Siring, Gianyar; Aci Panguripan di Ulun Kulkul Besakih.

Temple Celebrations: 29 September, at Pura Petitenget Kerobokan, Badung; Pura Karangbuncing and Mr.Batu Lepang Galiran, Bukitseraga, Buleleng; Pura Puseh, Pura Desa Silekarang, Singapadu, Gianyar; Pura Pasek Gelgel, Br. Tanah Pegat, Tabanan.

Temple Celebrations: 29 September
, at Pura Alit Desa Bondalem, Buleleng.

NB. Temple ceremonies sometimes are delayed or cancelled without notice, please check with your hotel prior to setting out.

Bali Art Festival / Photo by Jo Rosarius

Balinese Religious

Festivals are an important feature of Balinese life. In general Temple festivals occur regularly on fixed dates according to the Balinese Calendar. That said, it is important to know that the Balinese calendar is only 210 days and as such the dates of these festivals rotate throughout the Roman calendar year .

As well there are annual cycle and every six month celebrations of holidays, life-cycle ceremonies of a Balinese from the time a child is conceived inside the mother’s womb and continuing in stages up until the most important of the Balinese rituals - cremation after death.

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