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Balinese Festivals

Balinese Festivals

Balinese Festivals November & December 2013

In any given month there are many festivals, ceremonies and rituals taking place all around the island. In the November - December period the most notable will be Kuningan, celebrated island-wide in early November. Nonethessless there a few other ceremonies celebrated at two of Bali's most picturesque temples, Tanah Lot and Uluwatu in November. Of course there are many other festivals, ceremonies and observances not listed below. Your Bali hotel concierge (or better yet any Balinese taxi driver) will be able to assist you to find a ceremony to witness. That said, when attending any ceremony or festival, please keep in mind the tips outlined on the etiquette page.

Note. * denotes more information available, click on the 'Balinese Festivals' tab


November 2013:

01 November (Friday)
Ceremony: Hari Penampahan Kuningan*
Locations: Island wide - all of Bali.

02 November (Saturday)
Ceremony: Hari Raya Kuningan*
Locations: Island wide - all of Bali. Suggested temples to visit : Taman Pule Mas Temple, Ubud / Pakendungan Temple, Tabanan / Sakenan Temple, Denpasar

03 November (Sunday)
Ceremony: Hari Raya Manis Kuningan* dan Hari Purnama Sasih Kapat
Locations: Island wide - all of Bali. Suggested temples to visit : Memendak Sakenan Temple, Denpasar / Alas Harum Temple, Kintamani / Alas Angker Temple, Kintamani

06 November (Wednesday)
Ceremony: Hari Buda Cemeng Langkir
Locations: Tanah Lot Temple, Tabanan / Ida Ratu Sundaring Jagat Penataran Agung Besakih Temple, Karangasem / Dalem Bias Muntig Nusa Penida Temple, Klungkung

12 November (Tuesday)
Ceremony: Hari Anggarkasih Medangsia
Locations: Luhur - Uluwatu Temple, Badung / Luhur - Andakasa Temple, Karangasem / Goa Lawah Temple, Klungkung

17 November (Sunday)
Ceremony: Hari Purnama Sasih kelima
Locations: Aci Aci Penaung Bayu Batumadeg Besakih Temple, Karangasem / Dalem Puri Agung Temple, Kintamani / Dalem Balingkang Temple, Kintamani

27 November (Wednesday)
Ceremony: Hari Buda Kliwon Pahang
Locations: Luhur - Pucak Padang Dawa Temple, Tabanan / Silayukti Temple, Karangasem


December 2013:
02 December (Monday)
Ceremony: Hari Tilem Sasih Kelima dan Kajeng Kliwon
Locations: Dalem Celuk Sukawati Temple, Gianyar / Pasek Gelgel Kekeran Temple, Mengwi

07 December (Saturday)
Ceremony: Hari Tumpek Krulut
Locations: Pedarman Pujangga Waisnawa Besakih Temple, Karangasem / Dalem Tarukan Bebalang Temple, Bangli / Gunung Sari Temple, Tabanan

17 December (Tuesday)
Ceremony: Hari Purnama Sasih Kenem
Locations: Dalem Puri Batuan Temple, Gianyar /  Kiduling Kreteg Besakih Temple, Karangasem / Benmdesa Manik Mas Temple, Karangasem


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