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Dear (,
Thank you for your reply. I am glad to read that booking process already completed. Your quick responses have helped me much. I really thank you very much.
Best regard,
Arai Kenichiro, Japan

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Thank you for arranging our booking at Melasti Beach Resort. Your company has been very helpful.
Best wishes,
Marianne Censor, Australia

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I would like to thank you so much as I have a wonderful stay in Blue Point Bay. We have a great holiday there.
I would definitely recommend your service & hope to visit Bali soon.
Thank you again.
Best regards,
Felicia Khor, Malaysia

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Thank you,everythings great,
Pleasure using Balihotels.
Best regards,
Tinah Ibrahim, Singapore

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Thanks a lot for your confirmation and for your professional service.
Best regards,
Lothar Schulte, German

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Thank you so much, i will definitely use your services for the next trip. I appreciate your proffesional and courteous attention towards my needs. I will 100% definitely recommend your services to all my friends and colleagues for any of their trips to Bali. Have a wonderful day.
Michael James, Malaysian

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We have stayed here (Nirwana Resort) on several occasions booking through and are always very satisfied with the excellent service from the agent and the resort.
Many thanks
David Cloughley, Australia

Dear (,

Thank you very very much for your assistance! You guys have made our day less stressful. :-)

Best regards, 
Jessica & Mark.

Dear (,
I have just spent a few hours perusing over your web site and am impressed.

We (husband and myself) are intending to come to Bali in 2008, and now that i have seen that the best time to come is May June July, I guess that is when we will venture over there.

I am still not sure of the better place to stay, Candi Dasa or Jimbaran, but will do more research before we book. The Maps are great, and the option of traveling over to Lombok from Candi Dasa is a positive.

Negative is the probable cost and transport available from Denpasar to Candi Dasa, some places offer transfers. but not for that distance I am sure.

Any way, just wanted to say it's a great site and I have added it to my favorites.

Thanks again
Debbie Pitura

Dear (,
Thanks for your help. everything worked out ok and i was met at the airport and enjoyed my stay. I was impressed by the quick response from your website.

Thanks again

Dear (,
I am just back after spending 5 days in Bali.
Thanks a lot for the booking by you for me in Hotel Barong. We enjoyed the stay in the hotel and in Bali in particular. I am thankful for the support provided by you and your website. 
You are doing a good job. Keep it up.

Thanks and regards,
Dr. Sanjay Jasola

Dear (,
Thank you for your e-mail advising of the arrangements for transfer.
I would like to take this opportunity to commend all people I have dealt with in your organisation when making my bookings for accommodation and transfers. Their efficiency and professionalism have been greatly appreciated.
As my husband and I travel extensively and frequently I will have no hesitation in future in utilizing your venues and services.


Dear (,
Thank you for the confirmation of Puri Bagus Candidasa.
This will be our first holiday in Bali and we are looking forward it very much. Thank you for your help in booking the three hotels we plan to stay at. Your website and hotel booking is excellent, I will certainly recomended you to my friends & colleagues.

John Outhwaite.

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Once again, thank you for the prompt assistance rendered. is indeed a great way to book our hotels reservations. Well done!.

Warmest Regards.

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Just a quick note to say thank you so much for all your help with our reservations. We had a wonderfull time!
Kind regards, 
Marieke den Das

Thank you for a wonderful Holiday we both enjoyed our stay at the Grand Istana Rama. you were all so friendly and helpful. see you all next year. we stayed in room 818. ....
Brenda & Norman Smith

Dear (,
Just write to thank you for your service. The hotel Aneka Bagus Resort & Spa was real great. Small paradise far away from noisy tourist zone. Relax atmosphere and posibility to restore mental balance. 
Thank you.

To: (, 
We wold like to send you a special thanks for your indefatigable help. I'll be very happy to contact you for possible other holidays in Bali. Can you tell me if works for any other geographic areas in Asia? 
Best regards. 
Aldo PozziL.

Hi, The online booking with was a breeze for us to book into (I......) at US$55 per night. The amount paid was well worth it.
Angelia (Singapore, 2004)

Dear people at BaliHotels! 
thank you very much for your service, our holiday in bali is truly wonderful and everything was well arranged by you! rooms were wat we asked for and even more.... 
thank you again, we'll definitely book our next bali holiday through and so will many of the people we've met here! kind regards, 
Terimah kasih, 
Petra L.

Dear Bali Hotels, 
Just a quick note to thank you very much for the hotel that you organised for us in Bali, (K....) We have been to Bali every year for 10 years and have always paid a lot of money for Airline Brochure Properties then you came along at the right time for us..We stayed there for a month with no problems at all. Everything was great and the value, wow! Friends of ours stayed at Sanur at the (H.....), well did they spit the dummy when they saw where we stayed and heard what we paid, thanks to you. Thanks once again, catch you next year.
P.S. Good luck with the Singapore Hotels you are trying to organise. 
Peter D. & Chris G.

Thanks for informing me the info of my reservation. Your effective service makes me impressed and would like to choose your online service in the future. I have one more question here. If I would like to stay in Bali for more days later, how can I book hotel from Is any internet service I can find easily or I can call to book a hotel and get good rate on it?
Thank you! 

Hi (Bali Hotels),
Thanks for the confirmation. Its been our pleasure liaising with u regarding the hotel arrangements. Your service and prompt reply is very much appreciated. : ). Thank you once again. 
Warmest regards, 
Fion & Wylson

Thanks (Bali Hotels) - coming from Vietnam, it's lovely to have such a professional service that you have shown - (we don't see it too often here!!!)
Many thanks.

Dear (Bali Hotels),
Thank you for all your attention for our booking at Melia. We all had a great time. The hotel was very nice and the services excellent. We are already planning another short holiday back there again soon.
Thank You,

Just a quick note to say that I had an amazing time at Puri Madawi! The establishment was run with the needs of the guest as it’s most fundamental objective. The food, service, cleanliness, and friendliness of the place was among the best I have encountered. The low price of the place does not reflect its high quality. Thanks so much for suggesting Puri Madawi. Hope you had a great holiday. 
David C. Gibson

Dear (, I am so happy to hear from you and I am glad that you are so smart as to know that I have already sent you my visa # for my booking at the (I.....). Please go ahead and use my previous credit card details and again thank-you for all of your help. I am now more sure than ever that the staff at Lombok and Bali Hotels .com are the absolute best.
Alexandra C. (Canada).

I have been to Bali about 10 times and agree with your listings of Resturants... guys keep up the good job.........
Cheers... Big ears. 
Martin G. (Australia)

My name is Roy N. I work for a travelweb company and I love your site. Very classy and well put together. I am getting married soon and want to travel to Bali. I will be arriving Oct. 23 and staying one week. I have had family stay at the Ritz and love it. Could you recommend something as nice or better for about the same price? Call or write back thanks.
Thank You,
Roy N.

Hi, I just found your website and am very thankfull it was most helpful.

Hi, I opened your website and thank God I found what I need. The rate mentioned in your web is the newest one, isn't it? How about the new year's rate? Do you also provide this information?
Thank you. 
Sari for Mr. Alfred.

Dear (,
Thank you very much for your excellent service which is highly appreciated, please amend my Hotel booking to read as follows:..... sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.
Best regards from Bahrain Saleh Alkowary

Hi, Extremely well done and well detailed site. Really a world of difference from other "international sites". Do you also have sites on HK, Bangkok etc.? Pl. consider doing so. I am sure you all will do an excellent job. Good show. Pl. keep it up. 
Best regards, 
U. Chhajed

Hi, Great Web site. I have already booked bali but just wanted to get more pictures of our hotel. Thank you for showing great detail, information and pictures. Your web site is a real credit to you. Thank you again.

Dear (, 
Thank you very much for your help with our hotel reservations! This is our first time to Bali so choosing a hotel was difficult. It also took us a while to find your website. I'm glad that we did. Your quick, efficient service is greatly appreciated! 
Tina Morita

Dear (, 
Thank you for your kindness, I will bring your e-mail copy. I believe I can enjoy BALI because of you.
Thank you again,

thank you very much - you're a real star! it would be great if you could arrange for us to be picked up from the airport on arriving from Sydney at 13:20 hours. looking forward to sending more bookings your way in the future.
Thanks again, Julie

Thanks for the expedient reply and reconfirmation. Your service is fantastic. 
Aloha, A. and T.

Dear (,
Hi!! This is Matthew from Japan. I am back in Japan now and I just wanted to thank you for your help in making reservations when my wife and I were in Indonesia last week. That was brilliant detective work on your part to locate us at the hotel in Sanur and leave a message about our reservations....
Thank you once again for you quick thinking, quick detective work, and quick action to confirm our reservations.
Matthew - Tenri Japan

Dear (,
Thank you so much for your smooth arrangement. We are so grateful for your efficiency. We are very looking forward to staying at your hotel from tomorrow.
Best regards, 
Michael & Yoshiko Wheatley

great web site with good info.....thanks "
Tracey C. (Australia)

I ever so often look at your homepage, because I find it very informative and up to date. I do bookings through ... Tours and Travel though, but still the information you give is smashing!
Best regards,

This service is excellent - Graham (Australia)

You have a great site. Well laid out and informative. You might want to make the map interactive. Other than that idea, you have done a great job.
Richard B. Berkeley, California

Dear (, 
Thanks for quick response. I feel that is the best online source for lodging in Bali.
Yun-Hsi 0705

Thank you. It's always a pleasure doing business with 
Victor B.

I have been struggling to understand loads of web sites to find hotels in Bali Bangkok and Istanbul but yours is so clear with no add on charges!!! 
Thanks for your help. when I have all the information I will book with you. 
Y. Morris.

Just a quick note to say thanks for an enjoyable read. I browse Bali sites all the time and I have to tell you this is one of the best. I've added it to my favourites.

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Your service company is the best and trustworthy……
When I confused to find hotel in Bali, you are very helpful to give me information a good hotel there. Also your price….very achievable. Hope in a future you will have cooperation with more hotels in Bali.
Thanks for Mr. Dian, Ms. Dini especially. Thanks for all of you… You are a very professional, good and helpful people. I love BaliHotel. Thanks u so much.

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Clap for the who able to offer a very competitive price and information about destinated hotels within range and make planning for vacation more easy and hassle free..

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