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Travel Tip
Be careful when changing money. Sorry to say but we hear too many stories of tourists being cheated at one money changer or another. One of the more popular current scams goes something like this:

You see an exchange rate that seems to good to pass up - so you give it a go. The money changer calculates how much Rupiah you will receive and proceeds to count it out in front of you. After this he/she will ask you to count it again - so far so good. You agree and the amount is correct. You're happy and ready to leave until the changer asks to count it again - Just to make sure. How thoughtful you think and you let the changer count it again. The amount is right and you're asked to count it yet one more time - you do and everything seems fine.

Now you're ready to leave - but wait, the changer wants to count it - yes - one more time. You're thinking these people are sooo careful. Well this recounting goes on until the changer feels you're not paying attention and money literally falls off the table. At some point you won't count it the last time and after you're long gone you realize you've been short changed.

Rule No. 1 Don't let the money you are changing out of sight or out of reach in case you want to walk.

Rule No. 2 Pay attention. You don't need to count 6 times. If you find yourself in this situation refer to Rule No. 1 - Pick up your money and walk to the nearest bank.

Healthy Traveling
Bali is getting better in terms of hygiene and medical facilities but it still has a way to go. You do not want to have a medical emergency here. Play safe and make sure you have medical insurance before you come. Best to have insurance that will evacuate you if you get terribly sick or have a serious injury and need airlifted to Singapore or home. Here are a couple of other common sense points that should keep you in good shape and enjoying your visit.

Drink plenty of fluids (water and fruit juices) to avoid dehydration. Drink bottled water ONLY - ice in drinks, however, is not a problem. Use common sense when choosing a place to eat. Eat in established restaurants that are clean and well patronized. If you are dead set on trying the hawkers in the street stick to those not serving meats unless your system is already well adjusted.

If you are using prescription drugs bring a sufficient supply. Pharmacies (Apotiks) often can fill a prescription but the dosage may not be quite the same as your doctor has prescribed. Also, while traveling keep your vital medication with you or in your carry on - in case your luggage is lost.

Take prompt care of any cuts or burns - do not risk infection in this heat and humidity. If you are sleeping in the open air, use mosquito repellent and a mosquito net. Malaria is not a problem in Bali. For additional information there's a list of hospitals and clinics in the Emergency Info section. Additional information on health matters may be obtained from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Telephone the CDC international travelers hotline at (404) 332-4559 or visit the CDC home page on the Internet at   More Bali Sites   Indonesia Hotels Sites   More Asia Hotels   Indonesia Maps Sites   More Travel Sites
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