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Balinese Festivals

Balinese Festivals

Balinese Festivals January & February 2013

In any given month there are many festivals, ceremonies and rituals taking place all around the island. Many ceremonies occur every 210 days and as such every few years ceremonies such as Galungan, Kuningan, Saraswati, Pagerwesi etc occur twice in the western calendar. So it is this year with all these holidays (and several others as well) occuring again in August. In addition to the ceremonies and observances  listed below your Bali hotel concierge (or better yet any Balinese taxi driver) will be able to assist you to find an interesting ceremony to attend. That being said, below are the most important festivals and ceremonies for January and February. And when attending any ceremony or festival, please keep in mind the tips outlined on the etiquette page.

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01 January (Tuesday)
Ceremony: Hari Anggarkasih Dukut
Locations: Dalem Batuyang Temple, Gianyar / Gelgel Mengening Temple, Tabanan

10 January (Thursday)
Ceremony: Hari Siwaratri 1934 Caka*
Locations: Island wide - all of Bali

11 January (Friday)
Ceremony: Hari Tilem Kepitu
Locations: Ulun Kulkul Besakih Temple, Karangasem / Buana Kawan Besakih Temple, Karanagasem

12 January (Saturday)
Ceremony: Hari Saraswati*
Locations: Island wide - all of Bali. Suggested temples to visit: Pasek Tangkas Gempinis Temple, Tabanan / Pasek Gelgel Sayan Bongkase Temple, Denpasar

16 January (Wednesday)
Ceremony: Hari Pagerwasi*
Locations: Island wide - all of Bali. Suggested temples to visit: Kehen Temple, Bangli / Payogan Agung Ketewel Temple, Gianyar / Masceti Selasih Tampaksiring Temple, Gianyar

26 January (Saturday)
Ceremony: Hari Purnama Sasih Kawulu (New moon festival)
Locations: Mutering Jagat Dalem Sidakarya Temple, Denpasar / Pasek Gelgel Pedungan Temple, Denpasar / Paskek Tangkas Kediri Temple, Tabanan

26 January (Saturday)
Ceremony: Hari Tumpek Landep*
Locations: Island wide - all of Bali

01 February (Friday)
Ceremony: Hari Bhatari Shri
Locations: Pasek Gelgel Temple, Klungkung

05 February (Tuesday)
Ceremony: Hari Anggarkasih Kulantir
Locations: Penataran Tangkas-Ketewel Temple, Gianyar /Pasek Gelgel Penulisan Kerambitan Temple, Tabanan / Dalem Gandamayu Temple, Klungkung

10 February (Sunday)
Ceremony: Hari Tilem Kawulu
Locations: Pasek Tangkas Temple, Klungkung / Pasek Kaleran Temple, Tabanan

20 February (Wednesday)
Ceremony: Hari Buda Kliwon Gumbreg
Locations: Pasek Gelgel Kukuh Marga Temple, Tabanan / Pasek Gelgel Dukuh Selemadeg Temple, Tabanan

25 February (Monday)
Ceremony: Hari Purnama Sasih Kesanga
Locations: Nataran Sasih Temple, Gianyar / Bukit Mentik Gunung Lebah Temple, Kintamani

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