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Bali Arts and Crafts

Bali Arts and Crafts

Balinese Arts & Crafts
The Balinese seem to be the most talented of all of Indonesia's gifted artisans. Over the centuries there has been a steady steam of immigrants introducing new ideas, coupled with the generous patronage of Kingdoms past, Balinese artists have become justly famous.

Indeed the number of foreigners who have been inspired by Bali as well as the number of Indonesians from other islands who have come to Bali to hone their craft are testimony to the importance of Bali in the art world.

As such provides a brief - very brief - overview of traditional art forms just to acquaint and alert the casual or first time visitor to some of the art produced on Bali and give greater value to what otherwise would be just another curio.

Arts and Crafts Product in Bali
Until this century Balinese artists produced work (paintings, stone & wood carving etc.) under the patronage of wealthy kings or as gifts to decorate the local temple. As such the artists were only doing their part as a member of the community and therefore never gave much thought to be recognized for their efforts by signing their work. In addition, art had to follow very stringent guidelines so whilst the quality may have varied the content was quite standard. It wasn't until the arrival of European artists that Balinese artists learned to express themselves individually and then began signing their work.

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