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Star Hotels in North Bali
Rates inclusive of 21% Gov't tax and service charge. No hidden charges.
$ = US Dollars / Rp. = Indonesian Rupiah

Bali Handara Country Club  5 star / 77 rooms
Bedugul, Bali - Indonesia
Rate: Standard $121.00 / Deluxe $181.50
Matahari Beach Resort & Spa  5 star / 32 rooms
Rate: Gardenview $ 190.00 / Panoramaview $ 235.00

Mimpi Dive Resort Menjangan   3 star / 54 rooms
Rate: Standard Patio $ 72.00 / Villa $ 155.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Situated directly across from Menjangan Island on Bali's north coast, the Mimpi Resort Menjangan is the ideal setting to explore Bali's underwater world in pristine waters off the shores of Bali's Barat National Park.

Pacung Mountain Resort   3 star / 39 rooms
Rate: Standard $ 45.00 / Deluxe $ 55.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Perched atop Mt. Batukaru at an altitude of 800 meters in the center of Bali, Pacung Mountain Resort offers a unique alternative to Bali's popular beach resorts. Near to one of Bali's best golf courses and many of Bali's tourist attractions, Pacung Mountain Resort an ideal retreat for active tourists and small groups.

Losmen, Homestays & Budget Hotels in North Bali
Ratu Ayu Villas   melati 1 / 3 rooms
Rate: Family Rm $ 73.00 / Dlx Family Rm $ 149.00 (Rates include breakfast)
Owned managed by Puri Lumbung Cottages, Ratu Ayu Villas provides visitors with the oportunity to experience Balinese life in a rural and traditional Balinese village setting.
Special rate available
Aditya Beach Bungalows  melati 3 / 66 rooms
Rate: Standard $30.00 / Deluxe $50.00
Ady Rama Hotel  melati 2 / 22 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.100,000.- / Deluxe Rp.200,000.-
Bali Melka  melati 1 / 8 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.140,000.- / Deluxe Rp.170,000.-
Bali Taman Beach  melati 3 / 30 rooms
Rate: Standard $45.00 / Deluxe $65.00
Banyualit Beach Inn  melati 2 / 20 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.121,000.- / Deluxe Rp.400,000.-
Baruna Beach Cottages  melati 3 / 34 rooms
Rate: Standard $20.00 / Deluxe $30.00
Manggala Home Stay  melati 3 / 12 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.60,000.- / Deluxe Rp.150,000.-
Permai Beach Cottages  melati 2 / 24 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.50,000.- / Deluxe Rp.100,000.-
Puri Tasik Madu  melati 1 / 11 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.50,000.- / Deluxe N/A
Samudra Beach Cottages  melati 2 / 22 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.50,000.- / Deluxe N/A
Sentral Hotel  melati 3 / 26 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.50,000.- / Deluxe N/A
Simon Seaside Cottages  melati 2 / 20 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.150,000.- / Deluxe N/A
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Bali Hotels .com - North Bali

North Bali Area Overview

At one time Singaraja was the capital of Bali and its main trading port. As such Singaraja has an eclectic mix of Hindu, Muslim and Buddhism culture wrapped in Dutch colonial trapping.

Rich in history including the Gedong Kirtha Library which was built by the Dutch during their colonial rule, the library contains important documents and historical manuscripts.

Even though Singaraja is well off the beaten track, (about 3 hours from Kuta / airport - but the joutney is magnificent) it is slowly starting to come of age with tourists interested in Bali’s past and those interested in Bali without the mass tourism or western style shopping malls.

Although not as developed as other areas of Bali, there is quite a bit to see and do here - trekking, horseback riding, snorkeling, diving, golf , cultral attractions and local festivities are all within an scenic one hour drive from Singaraja.

FYI, in order to remain objective, hotels are listed alphabetically. We don't favor any hotel for any reason.

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