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Other Star Hotels in Legian Bali
Rates inclusive of 21% Gov't tax and service charge. No hidden charges.
$ = US Dollars / Rp. = Indonesian Rupiah
Legian Paradiso  3 star / 124 rooms
Rate: Standard $40.00 / Deluxe $50.00
Other Losmen, Homestays & Budget Hotels in Legian Bali
Bali Palace  melati 1 / 28 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.174,000.- / Deluxe Rp.196,000,-
Bruna Beach Hotel  melati 3 / 37 rooms
Rate: Standard $30.00 / Deluxe $35.00
La Walon Bungalows  melati 2 / 40 rooms
Rate: Standard $31.00 / Deluxe N/A
Lili Garden Cottages  melati 1 / 21 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.150,000.- / Deluxe Rp.200,000.-
Lingga Mukthi Home Stay  melati 1 / 24 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.150,000.- / Deluxe Rp.200,000.-
Panorama Cottages I & II  melati 1 / 27 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.185,000.- / Deluxe Rp.195.000.-
Puri Naga Seaside  melati 2 / 16 rooms
Rate: Standard $25.00 / Deluxe N/A
Sayang Hotel Maha Mertha  melati 3 / 60 rooms
Sri Kusuma Hotel  melati 3 / 32 rooms
Rate: Standard $40.00 / Deluxe $60.00
Surya Beach Inn  melati 2 / 20 rooms
Rate: Standard Rp.150,000.- / Deluxe N/A
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Other Hotels in the
Legian Area

For any number of reasons it is not possible to provide complete information on every hotel in Bali.

With that in mind, please be advised that we list these other hotels in the Legian area as a public service only (mostly for the benefit of the inveterate budget traveler).

That said, should wish to pursue a reservation in any of these properties you will need to contact them directly. Just bear in mind that you get what you pay for and we only provide information on hotels that meet our expectations for service and value.

FYI, in order to remain objective, hotels are listed alphabetically. We don't favor any hotel for any reason.

Thank you for visiting - More Hotels, More Choice, Better Value !

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